Forum Aberdeen | My Culture, Your Politics

The University of Aberdeen’s Politics and International Relations Society together with “A Soul For Europe”, organised a half a day Forum on the University of Aberdeen campus on 6th of October 2017. The Politics and International Relations society is a society for those studying the subject, but also for anyone interested in current affairs and politics. We actively organise different academic and non-academic events on campus, including panel discussions, debates, guest speaker lectures, workshops, political hustings and screenings. We promote active participation in politics and try to bring current affairs closer to students and other Aberdonians. The project ‘My Culture, Your Politics | Forum Aberdeen’ aimed to promote our campus' role as an active forum for discussion, to increase engagement with current affairs and to promote active citizenship. We wanted to challenge all the attendees to think about the future of Europe together and critically discuss the current state of affairs in Europe. The topic, My Culture, Your Politics, addressed the way culture is used as a code for isolationist and populist arguments as well as for internationalists and pan European narratives. With our experienced panelists from different walks of society and across Europe we critically considered some of the big contradictions, developments and questions that are stirring emotions and discussion across Europe, such as nationalism, regional-separatism and divergence and identity.

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