Youth Culture Dialogue at the Cultural Center of Novi Sad

This training seminar gathered 28 young people, artists and youth workers from Western and Eastern Europe and as well former Soviet Union countries in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia in order to raise intercultural understanding trough the framework of youth cultural activism. During 10 program days participants have discussed their countries similarities and differences, common problems emphasizing the ways of preventing intercultural conflicts and share good practice and positive experiences. They explored the best models for realization of cultural activism in order to help increasing socially responsible activities such as cultural policy (youth-driven social change). Proposals were made on ways to encourage excluded young people with fewer opportunities to play an active role in cultural management in their own countries trough final performance and follow up activities. The working methodology focused on non-formal learning – through sharing personal and cultural experiences, theoretic and field work as well as creating a final performance and follow-up activities. This project has been funded with the support from the European Commission Youth in Action Programme and organized with the support from partners from the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany and Turkey.

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

The Cultural Centre of Novi Sad is an institution of culture founded by City Council of Novi Sad. Formerly known as ‘Youth Forum’, KCNS has thrived from a fifty-year long tradition activism and is among the most eminent intercultural institutions of interdisciplinary and multimedia character in Novi Sad and Vojvodina. Current activities gather around new models of culture presentation by different program activities such as: literary and society platforms, theater plays, music and film programs, publishing activities, festivals, multimedia and interdisciplinary projects.

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

Cultural Center of Novi Sad

Katolička porta
Novi Sad 21000