SUPERNOVAPOETRY.NET is a virtual space set out to rethink the vast body of Europe’s collective memory processed by the poetic and artistic world. The multilingual poetry platform is set to create and share experience of urban life, our perception of changes, differences, causes and consequences of destructive past, traumas and geo political turmoils. We use the new technologies’ force to provide real time communication beyond physical borders and beyond the social structures that are highlighting “borders” as the stepping stones of national identity. The portal shows that people all around the world are faced with the same struggle for freedom, justice and better life conditions. In trying to break from economic, social, political, cultural and still unfortunately widely spread physical chains, people all around the world are confronted with all sorts of negative notions, mass destruction, genocide, poverty, oppressions, discrimination, apathy. What our effort produced proves is that all our differences are a rich contribution to new conditions for cultural globalization, opposed to political and economic centralization. We are adapting to a new technological era, new forms of communication and a new virtual world with its hyperspace to pass borders. The portal is supported by European Cultural Foundation from Amsterdam. Editors: Manja Ristic, Ana Seferovic and Tzveta Sofronieva.

Association of Multimedia Artists AUROPOLIS

AUROPOLIS is focused on production of intermedia contemporary arts, interdisciplinary research projects, digital media and new technology communications, engaged arts production and alternative education projects. We stand for: Highlighting culture as a tool for structural development, Researching approaches for incorporating arts and culture in the processes of democratization, transitions and rethinking of social attitudes, Supporting mobility of culture through international networking, Supporting innovative and critical contemporary arts, Propounding wider acceptance of new technologies...

Association of Multimedia Artists AUROPOLIS


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