SprachCafé Polnisch e.V.

SprachCafé Polnisch e.V. (SCP) in Berlin neighborhood Pankow was registered as charitable association in 2016. Having started as an informal group in 2012, three committed citizens with polish migrant background have given their attention and their womanpower to a broad range of activities that aim at fostering intercultural exchange and integration. Further, the association has established a constant exchange with local authorities and institutions, so that their network is dynamic and highly multicultural. The association is currently committed to bilingual childcare, biography work with senior citizens, cooking evenings and readings. The team possesses numerous channel that reach out to actors in the migration, education and cultural scene. For the SCP integration is not limited to aiding migrants but also seeks to incorporate a cross-generational approach in a creative way.

Sprachcafé Polnisch

Schulzestraße 1
Berlin 13187