Freunde Kolbergs e.V.

We are a group of people from Berlin. Our mission is to fill the city-partnership between Berlin-Pankow and Kolobrzeg (Kolberg) with life. We organize projects, exchanges, youth projects, sports projects and more with partners in Poland. "Freunde Kolbergs e.V." exists for 20 years now. Our partners are institutions in the partner-city Kolobrzeg and local institutions in Berlin that are involved in German-Polish-Projects. Some examples of our activities: - We are planning a trip from Berlin to Kolobrzeg every year: Over 100 guests are visiting Kolobrzeg every year with us and have the chance to engage with people in the partner-city of Berlin-Pankow. - Students, sportclubs and other institutions are visiting the other city in our accompaniment. - We invite guests from Poland to activities in Berlin; especially concerning special topics (e.g sports, culture...) The relationship between people in Poland and in Germany is very important, especially in times of different opinions concerning important political decisions. Our challenge is to let people interact and talk to each other. We are looking for dedicated people to join us!

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