With The Borderline Project, Cafébabel decided to cover Poland and its margins from a fresh perspective. Many young Europeans find the shift to the right in Poland a little borderline. It’s a country that tends to evoke nothing more than a handful of clichés: the prevalence of Catholicism, hard liquor, backwardness… Does Poland even want to be part of the European community anymore? Poland has made many headlines over the past years and most of them weren’t positive. Whether it’s about banning abortions, controversial judicial and media reforms, ecological sanctions or restrictive refugee policies, it’s clear that ever since Poland has been led by a right-wing, conservative government, the country is being eyed suspiciously by its European neighbours. Cafébabel’s newest editorial project wants to break with this (recent) one-sided view of Poland. 100 years after Poland restored its independence, sixteen young Europeans headed to the country to report on Polish youth, their visions of the future and their relationship to the country’s past. Through eight multimedia features, the cross-border teams explored Poland’s border cities and their relationship to neighbouring regions. Because at the end of the day, stories don’t end at borders.


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